Public Areas:

  • Social distancing: Floor stickers and seating signages are in place.
  • Hand sanitizer stands are placed in various locations for guests usage.
  • Unless guests are travelling with each other, the capacity of the hotel’s lifts is four people, per lift, at any one time.
  • Cashless, contactless payment where possible is our preferred payment method to reduce contact. The electronic payment machine is sanitized after each transaction. Hand sanitizers available at the front desk area for guest use.
  • Guest invoices can be emailed if that is agreeable with the guest. If a hard copy is requested envelopes will be avoided to keep handling of paper to a minimum and it will be placed at the end of the desk for the guest pick up.
  • Pens at front desk are sanitized after every use.
  • Reinforced cleaning program with frequent disinfection of all high touch points like lifts and public restrooms.
  • A box for used key cards is displayed at the reception desk where the guests are encouraged to place the cards during check-out.
  • Pool Towels are washed & treated with the right temperature as per the protocols set by local authorities.

Private Living Space:

  • A daily housekeeping service is provided upon request only to minimize contact.
  • In-room marketing material/directory is limited with only essential information to be shared and replaced after every check-out.
  • Housekeeping staff is trained to be vigilant while working in guest bedrooms and present in the corridors to maintain social distancing with guests.
  • Reinforced cleaning program with frequent disinfection of all high touch points during the house keeping services.
  • Regular deep cleaning is carried out for upholstery and linen are washed & treated with the right temperature in order to keep everyone safe.

Dining Areas:

  • During breakfast, our culinary team is assisting the guests at buffet counters.
  • Hand sanitizer are available at the entrance as well as each table of dining area.
  • Hand wipes and alcohol wipes will be made available on each table for guest use upon request.
  • The restaurant, bar and other public areas comply with government specified social distancing measures. Maintaining a 3 m distance between tables and maximum of 10 chairs per table/group. For our shisha serving area, up to a maximum 6 people per table are allowed to sit together.
  • We check Vaccination card before allowing entry to the bar for any guests as per the latest announcement from the local authorities.
  • Sanitizing of furniture after each guests leaves the table.