We take pride in our Swiss heritage and we want you to have the best time. Passion is what drives us to do what we do in the most honest and purest way possible. Our vision, atmosphere and services are designed around a timeless Swiss ethos that has guided us since the beginning. From the design of the hotel all the way to your bed-side lamp, everything has been crafted to inspire modern nomads to script their experiences and connect with others.


We empower ourselves and our valued guests through current trends with an energetic and positive attitude. As a future-ready brand, we want to maintain the Swiss efficiency and push the boundaries of the unconventional, while providing the usual refined and high-quality service you deserve.


Everything is as simple it gets. While following our intuition and Swiss expertise, we put great care and emphasis on your needs. With our personalized services and originality, we offer you a safe space where boundaries between working, playing and relaxing are celebrated.